LCFC Website Feedback
We've launched our new Club website and are keen to hear your feedback.

Right now we're not talking about the ticketing or shop websites, although they will be relaunching soon also.
Tell us what you think
First, give the site an overall score out of... 7. *

Thanks, now we'd like feedback on some specific aspects of the site.

None of these questions are mandatory, so if you have nothing to say you can skip on.
Broken bits

Did you find anything that didn't seem to work while using the site? 
If you did, please give as much detail as you can on the error, including the device (phone vs tablet vs desktop) and browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Edge).
If not, just skip to the next question.
Overall site design

In short, does it look nice and do justice to the Club you love?
Ease of use

Is the information you want easy to find? Is it where you'd expect to find it? If not, tell us about anything you found confusing.
Mobile experience

Does the site work well on your phone? Does it load quickly and is it easy to use?
Anything else?

Unload. We can take it.
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